Challenge and Opportunity

The Challenge

You're an entrepreneur, your small-to-medium business has reached a point where you can't clearly see how to rise to the next growth level--and you're pretty sure it's technology's fault.

Maybe you've got internal technology solutions that are "good enough" for now, but you just can't grow the business if you stay with them. Or maybe they're not even that good...

You may want to innovate creative new products that could take you to the next peak...or you're just looking for help to turn your current great development into real profits.

But you don’t have staff with broad and deep experience in both business and technical arenas...and you can't make a full-time commitment to those resources right now.

So what do you do next?

The Opportunity

We bring deep levels of experience and expertise across a broad range of technical, business, and operational areas. Some specific activities that can help you bridge the gaps and resume your climb:

  • Lead collaborative efforts across the business to come up with new solutions
  • Build multi-year strategy roadmaps to permanent solutions
  • Discover stories and requirements for how to reach the peak–and why you should go now
  • Provide senior leadership in all aspects of solution architecture, design and planning
  • Manage implementation, deployment, and support with involvement across the business
  • Identify and mentor additional resources as needed to control cost and schedules

Additional specific expertise in areas such as executive business management, marketing, sales, and operations can be provided by a team of successful entrepreneurs as needed.